Buddy: The Buddy Holly Story 30th Anniversary National Tour

2019 - 2020

"The hilarious Harry Boyd was outstanding as Hipockets Duncan - he did a brilliant job of getting the audience fired up and narrating Buddy's story." 

 - Emily-Jane Clark, Northampton Chronicle & Echo

"As the DJ that gives Buddy his first break, Harry Boyd is an excellent Hipockets Duncan - also providing the audience with up-dates as he follows Buddy's musical progress. With just a change of jacket, Boyd becomes a sort of Everyman figure - convincing as Norman Petty, New York music mogul and MC at the Surf Ballroom." 

 - Roger Malone, Plymouth Herald

"Harry Boyd does a great job of playing multiple roles, all easily distinguishable as different, quite a feat."

 - Beyond the Curtain

"I do want to give a special mention to Harry Boyd. Harry must win an award for the most characters played on stage and he was also narrating the show for us. What a talent."

 - Jasmine Storm,

"Harry Boyd played various characters throughout his performance and basically narrated the story. His change between characters was amazing and he definitely carried the show creating a buzz with the audience."

 - Alex and Charlotte Wiggins,

"Harry Boyd, meanwhile, turned in a bravura set of performances as various producers, managers and other industry figures crossing Buddy’s path."

 - Sue In The Stalls

"Harry Boyd acts as the narrator of the piece, Hipockets Duncan, brilliantly assuming a variety of roles as he guides the audience through The Buddy Holly Story. Boyd’s roles include a Decca A&R man, a radio host and Buddy Holly’s producer, Norman Petty."

 - Andy Howells, Entertainment South Wales

"Harry Boyd, who until this point has donned a variety of hats and switched accents to play a whole host of different music execs, now takes his place as trumpeter with the band. How the producers have managed to find so many multi-talented cast members over 30 years on the road is another phenomenon of this show."

 - Carmel Thomason, Quays Life

"Harry Boyd played Hipockets Duncan who is the producer and radio show presenter which Buddy plays his live music on. He has multiple roles throughout the show and he was great at getting the crowd warmed up for the end of show Winter Dance Party, he is a natural comedian."

 - Phoebe Straw,