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About Me

Harry Boyd is a British actor, musician and singer with training from the University of Exeter and Guildford School of Acting. Much of Harry's childhood on the Isle of Wight was spent re-enacting inspirational moments from films and television, his portrayal of Rupert the Bear was "relentless" according to close relatives and peers. This followed Harry all through his school years, developing not only a love for acting and performance but also a keen interest in music with Grade 5 on the piano and Grade 7 on the cornet (a more compact version of the trumpet, not the ice cream) which he played in various orchestras and brass bands across the island, including the award winning Isle of Wight Youth Concert Band.

​After finishing school, all on his first try incidentally, Harry moved on to study Drama at the University of Exeter and took full advantage of the huge amount of performance opportunity available to all students inside the university and outside it, performing numerous times at Exeter Northcott Theatre, playing various roles in 'The Resistible Rise of Arturo Ui', Luiz in 'The Gondoliers', and The Duke in 'Patience'.​

After graduating, Harry went on to do an MA in Acting at Guildford School of Acting, and completed his training with representation and a qualification in stage combat, another great love of his first inspired by the elegant swordplay in 'The Princess Bride' and martial arts in Jackie Chan films.

But on a more mature note, since finishing drama school Harry has been professionally working in London on both stage and screen with established companies and venues such as ITV, BT Sport, Awesome Music Ltd, Southwark Playhouse, MET Film, The Rose Playhouse, Actor Awareness, StoneCrabs Theatre, HyneSight Films, ThumbsUp Productions and Chalkboard TV. Harry is also a member of Director's Cut Theatre's Actor's Club and a singer in the popular professional choir London Contemporary Voices.​

Recording at Magpie Studios Kent
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